The trade mark UTM produces electrical and electronic components of automotive alternators, as well as a number of components for starters and alternators, wherewith constantly increases its assortment. These are high quality spare parts, which pass 100% incoming quality control of raw materials and components, as well as outgoing computer quality control. Developers are working on creating truly durable products, which are in demand by the market around the world. There are more then 2000 items of products in the catalog.


The products of UTM trade mark are excellent as a replacement for failed original components. UTM components can be equipped (used in repair) on various types and kinds of alternators practically on all known carmakers: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Fiat, Honda, Skoda, Peugeot, Opel and others. Also on such trucks as MAN, Scania, Renault, DAF , Volvo, etc. And even on heavy duty special equipment-Cat Caterpillar, John Deere, Deutz, JCB, etc.


Electrical device designed to convert ("rectification") the alternating current into a pulsating one. This rectification is called full-wave.


Electronic element with different conductivity depending on the direction of the electric current.


Device that monitors the operation of a control object as a system and generates control signals for it.


Electronic scheme of arbitrary complexity, made on a semiconductor substrate and placed in a non-separable body.


The operation of all electrical appliances in the vehicle depends on the state of the alternator brushes, since this small element is an important constituent of the tapping and the supply system of electric current through direct interaction with the rotor.


The task of the solenoid switch is to synchronize the operation of the starter, ensure the engagement of the working parts of gears and remove the drive from the flywheel after starting the engine.


It stores energy in its magnetic field. With disconnecting the external power source coil will give away the stored energy, seeking to maintain the value of the current in the circuit.


Alternator pulley is mounted on the rotor shaft and is intended for setting the generator in motion, performs protection of the alternator, plays a role of the vibration damper.


Mechanical retention of brushes of the alternator in the correct position relative to the collector assembly. Pressure of brushes towards the collector with the necessary force. Ensuring the permanent contact of brushes with commutator.

Brush holders

Protection from dirt and penetrations from the environment in the mechanism of the alternator itself.



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